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  • Fast simultaneous research across all media suppliers in the i-picturemaxx network
  • Time saving results of images, videos and accompanying texts
  • Uniform, aim orientated and secure searching

For publishing houses, advertising agencies, corporates, industries and all others who want to use material from media agencies for their articles, brochures, websites etc.

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Your advantages

  • Simultaneous search across all providers
  • One user interface for all providers
  • Password-free, comfortable environment

Starting now with my-picturemaxx!

  • Download trial version for free
  • Install program on Mac or PC
  • Register and activate test license
  • Start testing (restricted media search)
  • Automatic accesss to new providers
  • Up to date contact partner lists
  • Optimized for professional media search
  • On top: Free request, Calendar Search

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At a Glance

  • More than 500 prominent media suppliers
  • Over 1,000 million media files
  • All subjects and themes, A to Z
  • Editorial and commercial usage
  • Multiple license types: RM, RF, MS, others
  • Installed on more than 10,000 workstations

Highlights my-picturemaxx

  • Individual assembling possibilities of the agency pools
  • Download statistics and search history
  • Team functions
  • Lightboxes, Emails, Print
  • Integrated services

  • Search through individual suppliers, groups or over all
  • Quick Search, advanced search, offer search, calendar search
  • Comparison of images and zoom
  • Sorting functionalities by supplier or date among others
  • Different search result layouts
  • Thumbnail, Preview, HighRes