List of Changes
5.1.3 (Build 14359)
Release - my-picturemaxx 5
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  •  The state and content of sidebars is reliably saved and restored across the current session.
    • The sidebar is now hidden when all windows in a sidebar are closed. Windows can still be docked to the respective edge via drag & drop or via icon (docking). This makes the sidebar visible again.
    • Hidden windows can only be displayed again via the "Window" menu.
  • Improved display/ sorting in similarity search. The order specified by the supplier is preserved.
  • Download optimization
    • Under the Windows OS it was previously possible for the download of large files (e.g. EPS format) to terminate due to a timeout. Now larger files can be downloaded reliably and faster.


  • System: General stability improvement by using new program version.
  • Lightboxes / my Offers: The animation in the search bar will be stopped from now on if an offer cannot be added to a lightbox due to exceeding the media limit.
  • Lightboxes: Invalid media whose data can no longer be supplied by the respective channels, now display the media number and the channel name, if possible.
  • Search result: The "No more available" display is now only shown in the search result in the event of an error if no further results can be displayed due to a technical problem.
  • Search: The "More results" action can be executed without problems again.
  • User account: When the user account page is open, shortcuts such as Shift + L (open or close lightboxes) can be used again without any problems.

5.1.2 (Build 14196)
Release - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Highlight: Workspaces can be saved and selected in my-picturemaxx. The status of the sidebars, the window arrangements and window sizes are saved across the included screens. If one or more Workspaces have been set up, these can also be managed, including renaming and deleting.
    This feature can be found under Window> Workspace.
  • Program interface: The Advanced search has been revised and made particularly user-friendly. Through appropriate tooltips more information is provided. The "Saved searches" feature has been expanded to include a suitable dialog. The buttons are rearranged / aligned as well.
  • Active lightbox tab: Automatically displays the number of media in the lightbox.
  • Lightbox creation dialog: Will be closed immediately after adding. A checkbox can be used to define that this dialog remains open (as before).
  • my Offers Drag & Drop: Offers can now be easily dragged and dropped into the lightbox. Alternatively, this can be done via the context menu, which appears either by right-clicking on a media slider or by left-clicking on a lightbox icon. If "Create new lightbox in XY ..." is selected, the offer name will be used as a suggestion for the lightbox name.

  • Immediate download: Up to now, a right mouse click provided the immediate download options for thumbnail, preview and highres. For media suppliers who provide additional sizes / formats, all available sizes will be displayed from now on. The prerequisite for this is that only one medium has been selected.
  • Download window: A progress indicator for downloads has been integrated in the download history (Window> Download) The hotkeys in the download window have been extended for Windows.

  • Search results view: Metadata display under thumbnail optimized for license type and type of medium.
  • Network problems when changing surroundings: From now on, log-in blocks can be canceled with a click of the mouse.
  • Media filter: Standard status for standard media filters will be „open“ for new users.
  • Last searches: The last searches are extended by the filter values in addition to the search term, if selected. In addition, the search is carried out directly when you click on a "Last search" (previously Quick search).


  • Download: Pending downloads have a usage note again.
  • Download: Download paths can again be easily restricted with wildcards (*).
  • Lightboxes: The media limit of 500 has been ensured for all light box functions.
  • Language: The application language corresponds to the system language for a new installation.
  • View: Dark Topics | Font colors of links are displayed as expected again.
  • Keywords: The width of the mouseover preview is produced correctly.


5.1.1 (Build 13673)
Hotfix - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Search result: The multiple selection by pressing control key („Strg“ or „Ctrl“) is reliably executable again.
5.1.1 (Build 13671)
Release - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Windows:
    64-bit version available (new), highest performance
    32-bit version is also available

  • macOS:
    Version 1 - from vresion 10.13 (High Sierra, Mojave & Catalina)
    - notarized by Apple
    - supports latest features of the operating system, including an optimized font display
    Version 2 - from version 10.10 (Yosemite, El Capitan & Sierra)


  • New column Resolution was added to the Downloads overview, offering to filter by resolution of media.
  • New column Status was integrated to the Downloads overview. Status can be:
    - Successful - The file was downloaded completely.
    - Failed - The download was not successful.
    - Open - The download is still in progress.

    The download history in previous my-picturemaxx versions only showed successful downloads. After installing the update, you will also be able to view downloads that were not completed successfully.
    The download status is also shown in the system of the respective media provider, which helps to prevent potential billing issues.


  • The Matrix filter has been enhanced and optimized. Active filters are now highlighted more clearly. The search logic has been adapted in such way that the displayed filters are based on the selection in the Places area and not the other way around. You are shown only filters that can be applied across all selected places.
  • The status of a Group in Places (open or closed) is saved when the program is terminated. When my-picturemaxx is restarted, all groups are automatically opened or closed - exactly as they were when the program was terminated.
  • Marked groups and Places can also be saved. When you restart the program, you get the same marked groups/places as when the program was terminated. This feature is optional and you must activate it once by navigating to File/my-picturemaxx > Preferences in the Display panel under Behavior.



  • Exact search: Related keywords such as "Golden Gate Bridge", "Bird Eye View" or "Angela Merkel" are displayed as one keyword (separated before).
  • Filter Contract: The filter "Contract" (under Categories > Options) is no longer displayed, unless the administrator defined that at least one agency /Place has been contracted.
  • Search result / metadata: With a new symbol at the top right in the mouseover view of a medium, it is now possible to copy the metadata as text into the clipboard.
  • Search result / lightbox: If no medium is selected, by clicking the email icon in the lightbox area it is now easily possible to send a complete lightbox by email. All images will be included.
  • Search result: The feature for finding similar images, which is displayed as well as in the context menu, is now available via the series symbol. The series icon is displayed in the search result in the icon bar under the preview image of a medium.
  • Search results / video: The right playback of videos in the mouseover preview can be deactivated (File / my-picturemaxx > Preferences > Display).



  • Media search / media size: For the combination of a search term + media size, now an AND operator is used.
  • Search result: If several pictures are selected by pressing the Shift key, the marking can be undone, by losing the Shift key and selecting a new image. The shortcut Ctrl + A for selecting all works properly.
  • Lightbox: Moving images in the lightbox has been stabilized.
  • Sending lightbox / e-mails: It is possible to send media from the lightbox to e-mail addresses with a GMX URL again.
  • Places area: Several groups can be selected by Ctrl + click and no group will be opened at the same time.
  • Windows: After restarting the program, the right-handed window tabs will be correct organized.
  • Search history /Download history: When starting my-picturemaxx, the item "Today" will be expanded, if searches or downloads have been recorded.
  • Windows / Video: Play videos in the mouseover preview as done.
  • UX / UI: General corrections and changes.
  • Download: Special metadata modifications of the media providers for the download are processed properly.


5.1.0 (Build 13114)
Hotfix - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Download Media: An issue with downloads from one specific media supplier was fixed.
5.1.0 (Build 13107)
Major Release - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Thanks to the innovative technology of the Matrix-Filter, media providers can also provide my-picturemaxx users with individual filter options for their collections. You can now filter for specific image content, for example, with or without people or ethnicity, or even for specific themes such as flora, fauna, food & drink, etc.
  • The classic Mediafilter has been extended by the new Matrix-Filter. All options are available above the search result. All filters are clearly arranged by categories.
    Unlike the well-known media filter, the matrix filter only offers filter values for selection that can be actively operated by at least one of the selected media providers at the moment of the search.
  • In order to see which special filters a particular media provider has available, this provider must be selected for the search.
  • The selected filter values are displayed individually. They can be removed individually by clicking on the x symbol or reset by clicking on the button All Filters simultaneously.
  • The display in the filter area has been optimized.


  • The choice between "Creative", "Editorial" or "All" now can be found next to the search, in order to enable quickly switching between the various searches.
  • The shopping cart symbol has been moved to the top right and now remains permanently visible.
  • The date filter is clearly visible and has a new look and feel. Selecting a date is even more intuitive, especially when choosing individual time frames.
  • The search language can be changed directly in the quick search function.
  • The options for viewing search results can be accessed via a separate settings dialog, under the View menu, or by clicking the icon next to the shopping cart.
  • The selection of the media type (Photo Video, Text, Other & Audio) can be found in the filter category "Media" of the media filter.
  • The folder icons in the channels area and various icons have been modernized.


  • A footer and two sidebars have been introduced and make it possible to show or hide the light box on the side of the docked windows with just one click.
  • The single windows of the user interface can now be called up in two ways: via the new "Window" menu in the upper navigation area or by right click on a sidebar to see which windows can currently be displayed.
  • By clicking on the new icon at the top right of the main window, you can switch between full-screen and standard display.
  • To have the preview image fit into the window, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the preview window. That’s how you can switch between full window usage (image may not fit proportionally) and a full and proper representation of the image (image displayed proportionally).
  • Undock and dock windows: A newly designed symbol at the top right of all windows allows you the possibility of docking and undocking the windows.



  • Via Settings > Download > XMP Sidecar File (win via menu file, mac via my-picturemaxx) you can control whether a separate sidecar file with the metadata should be provided when downloading media data.
  • Always - creates an accompanying XMP sidecar file for each download file. (For JPEG files, the metadata on the image will still be delivered as standard).
  • Except for JPEGs - creates an accompanying XMP sidecar file with the metadata for all non-JPEG files. So far, no metadata has been provided for these file types (e.g. mp4 or ai). Now this is possible via XMP (Sidecar).
  • Never - generally does not create an XMP sidecar file when downloading.

5.0.15 (Build 12380)
Hotfix - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Media search: Using the minimum size filter will return reliable results with the appropriate media size.
5.0.15 (Build 12378)
Hotfix - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Classifications - only relevant for media suppliers: Every search filter which has been configured in the media supplier’s backend system can now be tested with the my-picturemaxx Private Version.
5.0.15 (Build 12373)
Hotfix - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Search result: When using "Mixed view" in combination with "newest (media supplier's order)", the display of search results will now remain fixed at the current scroll position whilst media continues searching.
5.0.15 (Build 12362)
Hotfix - my-picturemaxx 5
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CORRECTIONS / BUGFIXES to unexpected behaviour within release 5.0.15 (Build 12358) from 2019/04/04
  • Media search: Combined search queries deliver reliably reproducible results again.
  • Search result / series: Display of the note pop-up ("Do you want to start a blank search?") has been removed.

5.0.15 (Build 12358)
Release - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Filter by products: Allows filtering for a selected media provider based on available price categories or subscriptions. If you select an agency with product types in the Places list, the corresponding pricing models are displayed in the media filter below the media types.


  • Additional, dedicated display of the Property Release and Model Release properties (if provided by the media provider)
  • Mouseover Preview: Only the metadata supplied by the media provider is displayed (no empty placeholders anymore)
  • Metadata window: Additional metadata fields supported by media providers are now displayed.


  • Changes to the order of the media providers are now automatically saved. Changing the order and different automatic sorting options are still available. (This adjustment makes Places and Project Folders / Light Boxes uniform in terms of sorting options.)




  • An additional button allows quick switching between the media filter tab and the media filter within the search result display.


  • Inheritance: Light boxes can be shared with one or more users. If the creator is removed from the split list and only one user with full administration rights remains, the lightbox is now marked as "inherited".
  • Share-Icon: The presentation color has now been standardized.By default, the icon is grey and turns orange when the Lightbox is shared with at least one other person.
  • Lightboxes > Management of my lightboxes: The behavior of the "Select all" checkbox has been corrected so that now only the visible lightboxes are selected or deselected if the list was previously filtered.
  • Create lightbox: Display problems in the dialog under MacOS have been fixed.
  • Drag & Drop: Solved a problem handling light boxes with comma-separated names.


  • Saved notes about the provider: An automatic line break was activated for this advertisement. Manual wrapping is still possible.
  • Global Note: Solved a problem handeling lightboxes with comma-seperated names.


  • Mouseover-Preview: From now on, all metadata can be copied from the mouseover preview.
  • Search History / Last Search: When using the function "Last search", all previously searched Places will be selected again.


5.0.14 (Build 11591)
Hotfix - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Context menu of a single place: Under certain circumstances, individual options were not listed (3rd party login, alternative address).
  • Changing the order of places in the list: In a certain constellation the places-list view containted errors.

5.0.14 (Build 11587)
Release - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Via "Administration > Channels > Edit > Global Notices" administrators can create comments for individual channels which will be displayed in the channel overview for all users of the Access ID. There will be "Global Note" and "Global commet".
  • "Global comment" refers to a short, one-line information, such as "Price Category 1" or "Price per Medium X". It appears permanently next to the channel name of the relevant media supplier, visible for all users of this Access ID.
  • "Global note" can also be entered by the administrator per Access ID and channel. It is for a longer, multi-line information, e.g. to describe more complex contract structures or to provide information about the workflow for this media supplier. Global notes are accessible to all users of an Acces ID in the channel overview. There are two ways: Holding the mouse over a channel name displays the Global note as a tooltip (mousover effect). Alternatively, by right-clicking on a channel name the note can also be viewed after selecting "Channel notes".
  • Hint: The individual user can continue to create a private note for each channel by selecting "Channel notes". These notes will only be displayed to this user. An info icon that appears on the folder icon of channel name indicates that personal or global notes are available to a media supplier.

  • Projects / Moving per Drag & Drop: In the project area from now on lightboxes can be dragged & dropped from one project folder into another.
  • Projects / Arranging and Sorting: The presentation in the project folder box has been reviewed. The order of the project folders and lightboxes can be changed by drag & drop and is saved automatically. The sorting options are available via the context menu (alphabetically or according to actuality).
  • Administration: The previous menu item "Manage Lightboxes" has been replaced by the two new menu items "Manage my Lightboxes" and "Manage all Lightboxes". Both are accessible via the "Lightbox" menu.
    "Manage my Lightboxes" allows users to manage their own lightboxes (created, shared).
    "Manage all Lightboxes" allows administrators to view and to manage non-private lightboxes from all users of the referring Access ID.
  • Performance: All server interactions regarding lightboxes and project folders have been optimized. This will improve performance, especially when dealing with many lightboxes
  • Notification Media Limit: If the maximum number of media pieces in a lightbox has been reached, this will be indicated by a new message (currently at 400).


  • Media Filter / Date: The calendar in the media filter now also includes calendar weeks.
  • Maximum view: When specific menu items are used (for example, user account and administration), for a better overview unnecessary elements of the page margins will be hidden and automatically reappear after leaving.
  • Display: User Interface has been improved for several dialogs (for example, Supplier Info and Shared Lightboxes).
    When using multiple monitors, the dialog now appears on the monitor from which the action was requested.
  • Error Messages: Some error messages now include more (technical) details in order to manage a faster analysis and resolution.


  • Search Result / Display Settings: Functionality has been established and is now also available when working with lightboxes or projects.
  • MacOS Select Date: Particularly for smaller screens, all control elements are fully displayed in the calendar selection.
  • MacOS 10.14 Mojave: Under Mojave some of the fonts were difficult to read. This has been corrected.
  • MacOS Hint Display: Some older versions of MacOS, in combination with certain graphics cards, may experience problems with list interactions (such as channels or lightboxes). Via "my-picturemaxx > Preferences > Display > Background within lists", alternating colors can be switched off, which avoids these effects.

5.0.13 (Build 11306)
Hotfix - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Login: When my-picturemaxx had been running for a few minutes without login a message about failed login showed up. This was fixed.
  • Search result / list view: Clicking on keywords within a search result might have caused a crash of the session. This was fixed.
  • Search result / lightbox: Opening the my media suppliers profile by clicking the info button at the thumbnail was optimized.
  • Preview audio assets: Playback within the preview view was optimized, playback now stops reliably when exiting the application.
  • Download / usage note: The dialogue was optimized for the case that a download of a media assett was not succesful.
  • Preferences Network connection “Indirect over picturemaxx”: A bug was fixed which occured when using this type of connection.
  • Windows / Screen resolution: Under Preferences > Display is a new my-picturemaxx setting “High DPI support” that allows to activate or deactivate the windows settings for text-scaling.

5.0.13 (Build 11270)
Release - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • IP Restrictions: A new feature allows you to create an IP-based restriction for all your Access IDs. Your users must then come from a verified IP or IP range in order to log in, ensuring no one outside your trusted network can use your Access IDs.
    Note: This is a custom add-on feature (not included in the standard my-picturemaxx). If you're interested in using IP Restrictions, please contact We will discuss your requirements and send you an offer.
  • Send by Email: The user experience for entering email addresses now emulates standard mail applications. For example, when you select an email address from the dropdown menu, you can insert it using the "Tab" or "Enter" key.
  • Multiple Media Preview: When you select a few media files and open the preview gallery (right-click > Show Preview), you can now use your keyboard's arrow keys to navigate easily between the files.
  • Information Icons: The user experience for the various information icons has been unified. When you click an icon, the requested info appears and only disappears after a new mouse click. When you hover over an icon, the info appears immediately and disappears when you move the mouse away. This behavior applies to the media supplier "i" button, the price calculator icon, and the "Lightbox info" icon.
  • Windows / Screen Resolution: When you work in Windows with a higher screen resolution, the "text size scaling" setting now is in full effect.
  • Administration > Downloads Overview Export: Previously, in order to export an Excel file of downloads, you had to select an Access ID. You can now export without selecting an Access ID. (Show filters > Export).
  • Media Filter: Previously, if you entered a date manually, the date filtering was only in effect if you clicked the Media Filter "Start searching" button. With this fix, the date is always considered, regardless of how you start your search.
  • Access ID Selection: The dialog for selecting an Access ID was optimized.
  • Preview: The display of preview images has been improved.
  • Shopping Cart: The shopping cart label has been optimized so that the view is more stable and smooth when opening the shopping cart.
  • Search History: When switching between Access IDs, the entire available space is used for displaying the search history.
5.0.12 (Build 11208)
Hotfix - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Usage note permissions (Administration > Permission groups > edit):
    The existing "Download without usage note" group permission was renamed "Download high resolution without a usage note."
  • A new permission was added — "Download thumbnails and previews without a usage note."
    Using the above, administrators can determine which sizes require usage notes and which don't.
  • Usage notes / downloads overview (Administration > Downloads overview):
    When you export download statistics, any internal-only usage-note fields (those which are configured not for relay to media suppliers) are now labeled "(internal)."


  • Retina displays: The display of icons in lightboxes was fixed/optimized.
  • Usage notes: The instant download dialog now forces the user to fill out any required usage note fields.
5.0.12 (Build 11174)
Release - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Download Use Note: Usage notes for download can be individually structured and, in particular, allow very meaningful download evaluations. Whilst so far only one field was provided for free input, now it's possible to create a field layout that is fitting to your individual demands and can  consist of several fields. The individual fields are displayed as separate columns in the download overview. In addition, it is possible to control which field information is to be transmitted to the media providers. The creation of the field layout requires administrative rights.
  • Optimized search results: We optimized the my-picturemaxx search results area. Results now build more smoothly, particularly when the synchronous search setting is in use.
  • Lightbox Drag & Drop: You can now drag and drop images from a lightbox or search results into an unopened lightbox in your "Projects" sidebar.
  • Lightbox Context Menu: The available options have been extended, so that the essential actions can now be used even faster.
  • Lightbox "i"info Button: Is now displayed in orange when an information text has been added to the lightbox.
  • Lightbox Current View: Scroll position is stored when switching between lightboxes; After changing back and forth, the lightbox is opened in the position as it was left.


  • Dock elements: Individual elements could have been previously unpacked from the application and placed anywhere (even on a second screen). Now it is also possible to connect several docked elements together. As a result, individual views can be arranged even more clearly and structured.
  • Proxy: We optimized the settings for proxy servers, especially those for MacOS.
  • Project Folder: When creating a project folder, the default name "Enter desired project name" is stored. Now the focus remains directly on the name, so that you can enter the desired name by direct keyboard input. An additional click on "context menu > Rename" is therefore unnecessary.


  • Search result: When switching between the view modes "Mixed view" and "By provider (unfolded)" sometimes not the entire window area was used to display the pictures.
  • Closing my-picturemaxx: A crash will no longer occur when the metadata widget is undocked.
  • Quick filter for date: When the media filter is closed, a quick filter is displayed. Within the Date Quick Filter, the "from" and "to" fields were sometimes not filled properly when a period was selected from the list.
  • Media Filter > Date Filter: The date selection window has been visually adjusted to better fit the different color schemes.
5.0.11 (Build 10999)
Release - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Search results: If the media search is open, you can jump directly to the result of this provider by clicking on a provider in the Places list.
  • Series: Several series can now be marked in parallel from the search result and opened at the same time.
  • Advanced Search: New setting to automatically close the dialog when searching.
  • Lightboxes: The presentation has been technically revised so that the display of many lightboxes in a project folder and many media within a lightbox is built faster.
  • Notes: Notes on Places, lightboxes and media in the lightbox: Hyperlinks are now automatically recognized, highlighted and opened when text is entered in the external standard browser.
  • Files tab: The presentation has been improved, i.e. by alternating background color per line.


  • Media size: Correct display even if information in the metadata contains an incorrect value.
  • Lightbox: Last lightbox in a project folder can be easily deleted.
  • Email dispatch: A suitable error message will be displayed if the password is wrong.
  • Notes: A warning message is displayed when the maximum number of characters in the lightbox has been reached.
  • Behavior for a right-click inside a lightbox: Deselecting the currently selected media by right-clicking is now prevented.
  • Media filter: Simultaneous display of media filter tab and quick filter is prevented.


5.0.10 (Build 10783)
Release - my-picturemaxx 5
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  • Support for the new MacOS version 10.12 (High Sierra).