Creative & Editorial

Creative & Editorial

Select the type of material

The choice between "Creative", "Editorial" or "All" now can be found next to the search, in order to enable quickly switching between the various searches. For commercial projects usually "Creative" material is used, while for editorial reportings mostly "editorial" material is used. The type of material is classified by the respective media providers.

Depending on which setting you have chosen here, the options for the Matrix-Filter may change contextually.



The Matrix Filter and other media filters are compactly presented above the search result

The classic Mediafilter has been extended by the new Matrix-Filter. All options are available above the search result. All filters are clearly arranged by categories. For example, under „Media“ you can refine your search by selecting Media Type (image, video, audio, etc.), Orientation, or Media Size. You can also combine different criteria. All active filters are displayed as buttons above the search result and can be removed individually by using the cross-marks.
Find out more about the new Matrix Filter under “HIGHLIGHTS”.

Do you not see the filter area? Simply open a new search result tab by clicking + or switch to an existing search result tab.



Easily and quickly change the search language

The search language can be changed directly in the search window, for example, from “EN” (English) to “DE” (German). In that case, German keywords are expected to be entered instead of English.
Searching for terms in the respective language can be better than a search query where the search engine translates the keywords using a dictionary. The prerequisite for this is that there is a native keywording in the corresponding language for the desired media.

Date filter


Highly visible, in a row with the quick search function

You can now directly access the often-used Date Filter. Selecting a date is even more intuitive, especially when choosing individual time frames. The values for year and month are taken over immediately, and time frames are marked.

Alternatively, individual periods of time can simply be selected by using the keyboard, for example "11091989" for November 9, 1989.

Side bars


Create space for the main area with just one click

The page boundaries that are on the left and right of the program window are now formed by two sidebars. With these new controls, you can turn off all windows on the left or right side with just one click and show them again in the same window arrangement. You can quickly have more space and easily switch back when you wish. Right click on a sidebar to see which windows can currently be displayed.
All windows, such as Places, Metadata, Project Folders, Search History, etc., can still be individually opened, closed and undocked.

If you cannot find a window, you can also find and select it in the new “Window” menu.



Hide and show the lightboxes

The lower part of the program has a new footer. Click on it to hide or show the lightboxes.

Only using a shortcut is faster

  • SHIFT+ L   to hide and show the lightbox area



1 Quickly maximize and minimize the main window

By clicking on the new icon at the top right of the main window, you can switch between full-screen and standard display, for example, to quickly have maximum space for the search results, the preview tab, for my Media Suppliers or my Offers, and to switch back again just as quickly.

Only using a shortcut is faster

  • SHIFT + W    to maximize and minimize the main window

2 Fit an image into preview window

To have the preview image fit into the window, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the preview window. That’s how you can switch between full window usage (image may not fit proportionally) and a full and proper representation of the image (image displayed proportionally).


3 Undock and dock windows

A newly designed symbol at the top right of all windows allows you the possibility of docking and undocking the windows. If you click on it, the relevant window is released from its current arrangement and can be freely placed on the screen (or other screens).
If you want to “dock” the window back into the window structure, click the same symbol on the window that was freely placed.


Shopping cart & Search result


1 Accessible at any time

The shopping cart symbol has been moved to the right of the user symbol and now there remains permanently visible. If media have been placed in the shopping cart, the quantity is also displayed. By clicking on the symbol you can open and edit what is in the shopping cart.

2 Overview about setting up

The view, sort and zoom functions for search results were transferred from the header area of the program into a separate settings dialog. The search result settings can be accessed via the previous settings symbol by mouse click or under the “View” menu.




For fast and more accurate results

The Matrix Filter supplements the classic media filter with useful special filters. These are offered by media providers individually for specific image content or selected topics. You can find these filters under the following filter categories:

  • Color
  • People
  • Georgraphy
  • Creative Themes
  • Editorial Themes

The complete media filter is displayed exclusively above the search results.

Before filtering, decide whether you want to search for Creative or Editorial material, or All. The filters will adapt accordingly. This selection you can find next to the search.


Correctly using the Matrix Filter

Click on picturemaxx Media Network to activate all Places and you will be offered all available filter categories as well as special filters. Select a filter and check out the Places area using the highlights to see which providers can use specific filters or filter combinations. Several selected filters can further be used to limit the search. The same goes for group/multiple selections of Places.
Alternatively, you can click directly on a Place and see what additional filters this provider has for you.

More information about the Matrix-Filter

Metasearch engines can find pictures from different providers. Filter categories, such as RM/RF, color/sw, etc., are designed in such a way that they can be used by as many providers as possible. Special filters for topics such as flora, fauna, food & drink etc., and which are also very useful, are not included.
my-picturemaxx can now also provide you with outstanding filters via the Matrix Filter for particular topics that are prepared by specialized media providers. Your search is therefore faster and finds what you are looking for.



from earlier updates





Comments and notes are directly available while searching

Administrators of an Access ID can comment on individual media providers, which are displayed in the Channel’s overview for all associated media buyers. The "Global comment" is displayed next to a channel name. "Global note" can be used for more detailed price structures or for explanations of the contract or workflow. This information will be visible when a media buyer moves the mouse over the name of the respective provider. In addition, each user has the option to create personal notes in the same place.



The enhanced usage note feature provides a structured and meaningful download history

Usage notes allow my-picturemaxx users to communicate their intended use of each downloaded media file. You can now configure your company's usage notes, so your users can select from predefined templates when downloading and provide the usage details that are relevant to your company.

Why use usage notes?

If your my-picturemaxx users include a usage note when downloading, it’s then easy to review your company’s download history and to associate downloads with their corresponding projects or buyers.



Customize your workspace

You can drag and drop individual panels — such as Lightboxes, the supplier "Channels" list, and Downloads — inside or outside the main window. It's also possible to connect several docked elements together. As a result, individual views can be arranged even more clearly and structured.

Lose a panel? Use the "View" menu to display hidden panels, or to select a new background color for my-picturemaxx.


Work from the office and from home

A new type of login allows you to work from any computer. Your my-picturemaxx settings, lightboxes, etc., are stored in the cloud and are always up to date.





Discover the 24-hour search button, or search directly by media number!



See the latest

With just a click, search for media files created in the last 24 hours. Type in search terms first, or simply click the button to see all the latest. 




Search for related keywords

A search index allows you to search for related keywords or phrases. You can further target your search by including quotes; for example, "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" or "Black Friday".


New search / search in results

You can choose to execute a new search, or search within your last results.

Search by media number

Is your only reference a media number? No problem! It's now possible to search by media number.

More options for sophisticated searches

The "Advanced Search" provides Boolean and field-specific searches. Open it using the + icon next to the search field. You can pair it with media filters.

Save time with saved searches

The Advanced Search includes both "last searches" and "saved searches," so you can easily re-execute searches. To save a search, simply enter a descriptive name in the "saved searches" field and click the disc icon.



Direct access to supplier contact data

Have a specific question about a file? Just hover over its “i” icon. This standard thumbnail icon provides all relevant contact info, such as contact people, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.




Series slider now available

Hover over any thumbnail in search results to open its preview. Each preview displays the image and its metadata. It also includes a series slider with clickable thumbnails of other files within the same series. Not seeing a mouseover? Go to the "Edit" menu and activate the mouseover features.

Improved views and zoom

You can view search results as a gallery, list or mosaic. With the handy radio buttons, switching between views is even easier. In addition, you can sort results by date or supplier, or mix them. With the optimized 3-step zoom controller, you can even choose the size at which your results are presented.

Number of results per supplier

The "Channels" panel shows you a list of all suppliers included in your search and the number of hits from each.  To just search a specific supplier's channel, type the supplier's name in the top field.



Check out the project folders and benefit from the team features!


Create and edit fast!

You can create lightboxes from within a lightbox management area. Here you can also create overarching project folders for organizing your lightboxes.  All your lightboxes are presented in a beautiful list, which you can filter by project. You can also set permissions to share lightboxes with other team members.

Search for Lightboxes

A new search box helps you find lightboxes with lightning-fast speed. And, not only can you sort your lightboxes, you can also drag and drop them into a preferred order.

Info panel

You can access an info panel from any lightbox via the "i" button.  The panel displays the name of the lightbox's creator, the date the lightbox was created and last modified, its number of files, and any notes.

Add comments to any lightbox

Use the new lightbox "note" field to add comments to any lightbox. Keep you and your colleagues up to date!




The drag & drop function 

You can now drag and drop images from a lightbox or search results into an unopened lightbox in your "Projects" sidebar.

Current view

Your lightbox scroll position is also now stored, so when you switch to a different lightbox, the lightbox opens where you last left it. 



Share your lightboxes

my-picturemaxx allows you to share your lightboxes with other team members. Clicking the share button automatically opens your address book, where all relevant my-picturemaxx users are saved. Just add recipients and send!


Add rankings and notes

Using up to 5 stars, you can rank the media files in your lightbox, and you can even add your own individual notes to each file.

Add and reorder using drag & drop

Change the order of media in a lightbox per drag & drop.



Our exclusive my-picturemaxx Services inspire you and provide you with readymade search results!





my Calendar

Need inspiration for the next issue? Have a look into the calendar service of my-picturemaxx and click on a date. my Calendar displays important national and international events. 

Or, simply search for a specific event. Every calendar entry provides you with a preview of relevant results and a predefined search.



Death days





my Offers

my-picturemaxx gets you a front-row seat at the world’s biggest events. See what the reporters see – from the hottest red-carpet images to videos of the latest goal.
my Offers show search results especially compiled by the media providers with the most up-to-date media of the most important news or events in politics, sport, entertainment and many more.



  my Offer collection is new
  my Offer collection has been displayed before
  my Offer collection has been opened before





my Media Suppliers

my-picturemaxx shows you exactly where you are shopping. Making contact is easy. Every supplier has a profile with address and contact information, as well as sample images and a company description. You can sort suppliers by subject, location and more!



my Requests

Feel like you're looking for a needle in a haystack? Can't think of the right keywords? With the my Requests service, you describe and send your specific research need. You can send a request to all media suppliers, or just specific ones. The suppliers can put together a selection for you, which you'll see directly in my-picturemaxx.